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LD Systems D1006 Dynamic Vocal Microphone with Switch

$49.00 AUD

Microphone Set with Microphone, Stand, Cable and Clamp

$89.00 AUD

CAD 12 Cardioid Handheld Dynamic Microphone with On/Off switch

$80.00 AUD

CAD GXL1800 Studio Microphone

$100.00 AUD

CAD Live D32 microphone 3 pack

$140.00 AUD

CAD Live Premium Supercardiod Microphone

$250.00 AUD

JZ Vintage 67 Premium Recording Microphone - USED

$1,750.00 AUD

JZ Black Hole BH2 Premium Recording Microphone - USED

$1,200.00 AUD

LD Systems U500 series Wireless Microphone System

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LD Systems U306 BPH Wireless Microphone System

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Earnie Ball Hybrid Slinky 9-46

$10.00 AUD

Standard IEC or "Kettle" Cable

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Rolls PM351 Personal Monitor System

$195.00 AUD

AVE VOX-Drum Microphone Pack

$189.00 AUD

Mic stand gadget bracket

$30.00 AUD

Rolls Passive DI with ground lift

$50.00 AUD

K&M Boom Mic Stand

$60.00 AUD

Beamz COB30 RGB LED Parcan

$129.00 AUD

Microphone Cables

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Comica LinkFlex AD3 audio for video interface - USED

$135.00 AUD

Metropolis Hoodie

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Metropolis T Shirt

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