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dB Ingenia IG4T Active Speaker

$4,219.00 AUD



High Quality Tower Format speaker. Contact seller for trade/used prices

dB Technologies' Ingenia series speakers - you have to hear these to believe how superb sound can be!

Cutting-edge technology with inspired ideas

The current panorama of active speakers with digital processing offers a significant amount of products with more or less advanced technologies and cutting-edge features. But only when those technologies are combined with inspired ideas that products able to really change the scenario come out. That's exactly what INGENIA represents: a new synthesis of knowledge in acoustics, mechanics, power electronics, DSP programming and innovative materials combined to realise a basic idea: a range of portable active speakers compact, modular, flyable, with a user-friendly interface, able to recognise the presence of a second stacked speaker or a subwoofer and automatically setup to ensure best coverage, acoustic coherence and high sound pressure.

INGENIA is not a simple active speaker, not a column system, not a conventional line array. INGENIA is simply INGENIA: a new way of thinking about sound reinforcement in any kind of situation.


The INGENIA series consists of four models with a power ranging from 400W RMS to 900W RMS. They are equipped with premium low frequencies transduces from 6.5" for IG1T and IG4T, 8" for IG2T and 10" for IG3T. Compression drivers range from 1" for IG1T and IG2T to 1.4" for IG3T and IG4T.

Digipro® G3 Amp Modules

All models comes with the new generation of exclusive digital amplifiers Digipro® G3, which deliver a power that you can’t expect from such a small amplifier. They also features an exceptionally lightweight design, SMPS technology with PSU auto-range and a very remarkably efficiency so that there is no need of cooling fans.

New horn concept

The horn of INGENIA is horizontally symmetric and vertically asymmetric. The horizontal dispersion is wide and constant; the vertical dispersion is narrow in the upper part and wide in the lower.

This is because the INGENIA speakers are designed to work in single or stacked configuration with the two horns coupled one against the other by overturning the upper speaker on the lower one.

Digital steering coverage

This is not the first time that dBTechnologies R&D designs speakers with asymmetric horns. Even on the famous OPERA series were adopted technical solutions of this type, but now the mechanical design of the waveguide is supported by a sophisticated processing in order to steer the coverage depending on the presence or not of the second speaker. The DSP doesn’t act only on the compression driver, but also on the woofers, ensuring maximum intelligibility and transparency in the whole frequency range.

EPD - Element Position Detection

But now some questions arise: how to instruct the DSP of INGENIA that there is a speaker on it, that this speaker is the right one and that is correctly stacked? Infrared technology offers the solution.

Infrared Communication

The INGENIA speakers are equipped with an “infrared-core handle” on top, which contains a system of infrared communication. When a second INGENIA speaker in stacked on another there is an quick exchange of information between the two DSPs, which auto-setup to operate as a single speaker.

This infrared detection system does not suffer the presence of sunlight, so it can be used safely in any outdoor environment without any fear that something might not work properly.

Control Mirroring

When an INGENIA speaker is used in stacked configuration not only the audio processing is managed by the DSP as if the system was a single speaker, but also many controls, such as volume, are unified. In other words, when the user turns the volume up or down on one of the two speakers, this change will automatically be mirrored on the second. In the case of subwoofer, this level variation will affect as well, of course taking into account any proportions between tops and sub.

Speakers with neodymium magnet

All transducers in the INGENIA series feature neodymium magnets, improving reliability, performance and contributing to contain the overall weight of these modules. The weights, despite the huge technology contained in these speakers, range from 10,6Kg (23.37lbs.) of IG1T to 22,24Kg (49.03lbs.) of IG3T, making the INGENIA absolutely portable and easy to handle.

User-Friendly Interface

The INGENIA series is incredibly simple to set up and is made for all those people who don’t have much time to mess about things hard to manage. Just connect the speaker to mains through the new Neutrik® NAC3PX on rear panel, connect the audio using the balanced XLR connectors, select MIC or LINE input, adjust the volume and you're done. Leave everything else to the powerful DSP.

Configuration Wizard

The advanced interface guides the user since he turns on the speaker, asking for information on the use and the type of configuration he is going to use. The system automatically sets up, in order to quickly meet the demand. Of course he can change all the choices made at any time by either restarting the wizard, or manually changing the specific parameter.

The system even allows you to choose from a variety of configurations with one or more INGENIA speakers and combinations with one or more subwoofers, choosing among several dBTechnologies subwoofer presets.

A powerful processing

Behind the simple interface there is a cutting-edge processing, which manages mixer, power amplifiers,  coverage steering and customise many other functions such as EQs, levels as well as all input devices. The OLED display, visible even in the sunlight, is mounted behind an elegant smoked screen and provides all the necessary information to the total system control. All editing operations are carried out through a single rotary encoder with switch, making them extremely easy and error-free.

As mentioned above, the INGENIA is equipped with the new Neutrik® NAC3PX mains connector that, in addition to providing a safe connection with secure locking system, allows to use the same cable for both connecting to mains or to relaunch.

The integrated USB mini port allows the user upgrade the firmware of the INGEGNA, ensuring that the speaker is always updated to the latest version (download from www.dbtechnologies.com).

Self-rotating display

Since the INGEGNA speakers are made to work in “reversed stacked configuration”, the OLED display is equipped with a self-rotation device that feels when the speaker is upside down, ensuring maximum intelligibility in every position.

Unique speaker lock system

The locking system of the INGEGNA is extremely rugged and reliable. Moreover, to ensure the speakers to be perfectly aligned before locking the clamps, there are some feet and recessions on the top and the bottom of the enclosure. This solution avoids incorrect operations in any way and ensures perfect alignment, maximum safety and a longer life of the mechanical parts.

Smart feet and recessions

Top and bottom feet and recessions are designed to allow just top-to-top speakers matching, avoiding wrong setup configurations.

Flying configuration

All INGEGNA speakers are equipped with a pole-mounting hole (D36mm). But in addition to the use on pole or speaker stand, there is a new fly-bar adaptable to all speakers of the series. This bar allows the user to hang up two speakers in vertical array. Of course in this case two linking plugs are needed. Then the user will choose the appropriate processing preset and the DSP will set up everything so that you get a real line-array system. Finally there is an additional accessory to mount the fly-bar to truss couplers and thus locking the aiming even in case of wind.

 Lightweight and heavy-duty enclosure

The housing is made with a new type of reinforced polypropylene that has a very elegant look and a finishing almost like a painting. The enclosure surface is then immune to knocks and scratches and fully resistant to water and moisture. Internally, there is an aluminium reinforcing structure that, in addition to dampen vibration and improve the acoustic characteristics of the speaker, makes it much more tough. Finally there is a hardware metal reinforcement for the fly-bar.

A magnetic rain cover is available, in order to protect, especially in live events, the speaker from rain and moisture in a few seconds. Keep also in mind that the amp module is equipped with Neutrik® NAC3PX mains/link connectors, offering a safe connection with strong locking system.

Tech: https://www.dbtechnologies.com/en/products/ingenia/ingenia-ig4t/