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Comica LinkFlex AD3 audio for video interface - HIRE


HIRE Canberra region only. $15 day rate.  Contact us for prices on multi day/item hires or to purchase new or used items to suit your requirements.

A groovy and effective way to get good audio into your phone or video camera.  Contact us for hire or to purchase a new one.
In excellent condition with original packaging.  This thing can be used as suggested ie attaching a mic or 2 mics or other sound source into it, adjusting the volume and inputting into a camera or phone via the phone jack.  However....  that's not why its groovy!   Its groovy because by using it in conjunction with an in ear monitor system you can plug a separately mixed aux send from your mixer into it via the IEM and capture great audio while you move around in front of a band without having fluctuations in the audio or any bad background noise spoil it. 
To do this you need to use an external audio app (free via the smart phone shop) so that you can capture the external audio into your video but that works easily.  An elegant and highly effective solution to poor audio when shooting bands from in the audience space! 

We haven't tried using those XLR Bluetooth wireless send receiver units with this - would probably work but could be a latency or reliability issue - watch this space!
It is proven highly effective if you want to get much better audio from a mic into say a video streaming a meeting or performance etc.