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HIRE Canberra region only. $35 day rate.  Contact us for prices on multi day/item hires or to purchase new or used items to suit your requirements.

A guitar made of Masonite and plastic with the cheapest of pickups that were invented way back and originally built using surplus metal lipstick containers to surround the single coils… and yet!  IT HAS SUPER MOJO – and great surf guitar tone!  They play well too and what a great price.

This is not the current model so we don’t know the specs, but check out all the on line stories to get an understanding.  100% of Jimmy Pages can’t be wrong – wait he used one? – Yep!
See Kashmir videos for eg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODidAgdL40Y We think he had it tuned DADGAD (not sure) anyway WOW – sounds great.  This one says made in Korea on the back. 

Its in good condition, but that super cheapo pickguard which is plastic covered Masonite has some delamination which has been re-glued to keep it looking ok and doesn’t affect its playability or sound.  How’s that blue snakeskin finish!
Comes with a generic paded gig bag and strap.