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Phil Jones Bass 6B Bass Cab - USED.

$900.00 AUD


USED -  good condition, minor wear and use marks only - Sensational bass cab especially when combined with the M300 we have!  Punch through a brick wall - tight as... even with a 5 string and about as good a sound as it gets for small to medium gigs.  The M300 would drive 2 of these nicely for big gigs (but alas we only have one), but then mostly you would be going into a PA as well so this is plenty loud enough for stage sound even for bigger gigs.


  • The pic is stock not actual but it looks pretty much the same. Will load up actual pics soon.
  • This Cab is 6 ohm. (despite what it says online)
  • Comes with a spare driver.  
  • Has wheels and a robust collapsible suitcase style handle so you can comfortably carry your whole bass rig in one go!

PJB’s 3-year research into lightweight speaker units has resulted in a new driver unit with an unprecedented power to weight ratio. The magnet material is Neodymium Iron Boron (NeFeB). This magnetic material is currently the most powerful one available on the planet and gives the PJB acoustic motor the necessary torque for maximum cone excursion with precision and control.

Many amplifier company often use an “Off the Shelf” speaker unit that has been designed for a generic use. Our speakers are developed to fit the unique requirements acoustic loading and frequency range of bass instruments. This is one of the reasons behind the distinct “PJB sound”.

With the Neo Power Series speakers, you now get the best power and tone to weight ratio. Nothing else this light sounds as good and powerful as this cabinet!

Speakers: 6×5″ “Neo Power”

Power: 300W

Impedance: 6 Ohm

Frequency: 35Hz – 15 KHz

Small and light but equal to a much bigger cab in tone and authority!

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 16″x17″23″ (406mm x 432mm x 584mm)  Net weight: 46 lbs (about 21kgs)